IT Support & Solutions for Small Businesses

Let us manage your technology so you can grow your business.

What we offer


Leverage strategic guidance in IT initiatives, projects, and changes to infrastructure and applications


Managed IT support

Managed IT Support is the perfect fit for any business who is serious about requiring their computers to be running at optimal performance around the clock 24/7. Firstly, this will significantly reduce your IT costs as it provides you with a fixed monthly price for Unlimited IT Support, enabling you to budget more effectively with your business expenditure. Secondly, these agreements are custom-made to fit your business, therefore saving you time and money, as you get 1 monthly investment price for your entire infrastructure to be maintained by  IT professionals, giving you Unlimited IT Support 7 days, 24 Hours a day.


Microsoft Support

Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) from Microsoft is a cloud-based software service that includes familiar Microsoft Office desktop and enterprise applications, combined with online collaboration applications such as business email, file storage and sharing, team sites, project management, web conferencing, and telephony. Access Office 365 anywhere anytime from PCs, Macs, mobile devices


Office 365 IT Support

Office 365 is quite simply one of the most integrated collections of software tools, apps and services designed to help businesses thrive and grow. With tools like Word, PowerPoint and Excel, there’s practically nothing you do during an average business day that isn’t facilitated in some way by Office 365. It offers a comprehensive solution for many of your business needs, from email to data sharing and more, including:

  • Email consolidation and scheduling
  • Access to email, calendars and more from anywhere, any time
  • Security and compliance that meet the needs of your business

cloud Support & Backup
Whether you are investigating migrating certain functions to the cloud or want to see what new cloud apps or features you can leverage, we can help.

Network Management Services

Infrastructure Setup

Network Support


IT Backups

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

Data Recovery

Hardware services

Supply & Install

servers, laptops, desktops
& network equipment.

Outsourced/ Managed IT services

if you have an especially lean team of people helping run your business,

outsourcing your IT support needs to a party provider might be your best option. As opposed to hiring someone to support your IT needs full time, it may be better for your small business to become customers and work with an external partner on a contractual basis.

Managed IT services that are commonly performed include:

  • Security technical assistance Antivirus, firewalls, IDS/IPS, and content filtering.
  • Enhanced
  • functionality when it comes to:
    • Remote monitoring and management of hardware and infrastructure

IT Maintenance

If you do not have proper maintenance for your business’ computer software and hardware, your system could experience a breakdown at any time, which could lead to downtime and decreased productivity, lost data and other threats to your business